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Guide Dogs for the Blind – Pleasanton Puppy Raisers

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The Pleasanton Guide Dog Puppy Raising Club is a group of volunteers in Northern California who support the Guide Dogs Inc. (GDB) for the blind mission through puppy raising, puppy sitting, fundraising and general club support. We are a group of individuals who are passionate about giving back to our community, helping others and who find joy in raising companion animals to be future service dogs.





Puppy Raisers: Volunteers who foster Labrador and Golden Retriever puppies bred by GDB for about a year’s time. While in the raisers home, the puppy will need to be taught basic obedience, good house manners, and socialization skills. It is the puppy raisers responsibility to expose the puppy to the outside world, and help build its confidence, so one day it will grow up to be a working guide dog.

Puppy Sitter: Volunteers who care for GDB puppies when their raiser needs to go out of town, or when a puppy needs someone to care for them temporarily.

Club Volunteers: The club has a number of people who cannot have a dog in their home, however, they are able to support the club and GDB mission by assisting with fundraising activities, meetings, outings, and other special events.