The Juanita Haugen Scholarship Fund

Juanita Haugen Scholarship Fund at the Make A difference For Pleasanton FestivalThe award is named in honor of a longtime community volunteer and Pleasanton Unified School District Board Member, Juanita Haugen. Haugen, a co-founder of the Pleasanton Community of Character program, believed that part of Pleasanton’s success is due to its compassionate citizens, folks who exhibit good character traits and those people who volunteer throughout our community. Her vision was to remind people to model ethical standards of behavior within their communities, businesses, home’s and to extend these traits outside our community as they travel and meet other people throughout the world.

Proceeds from the Make A Difference For Pleasanton Festival  go to The Juaita Haugen Scholarship Fund and  ACCUSPLIT Make A Difference Programs 501(c)3. 

For more information about the Juanita Haugen Scholarship click here.