Reins In Motion

Contact Information

Katy Kempton
Program Director & PATH Certified Instructor
9300 Tesla Road
Livermore, CA, 94550

Volunteer Form


Our mission is to enrich the lives of individuals with special needs and life threatening illness by connecting them with horses, animals, and outdoor education activities that promote healing and growth in all aspects of their daily lives.


Volunteers can engage in any number of the following activities:

  • Grooming the horses and tacking them up for lessons
  • Side-walking next to the children in lessons
  • Helping with fundraisers, grant-writing, social media management, etc
  • General horse care such as lunging, bathing, and walking the horses to the pasture
  • Cleaning the tack room, toys, and helmets
  • Stall retrofitting including board repair, mulch shoveling, and painting 
  • Water trough cleaning
  • Paddock repairs
  • Carpentry- creation of blanket holders
  • Mulching of stalls
  • Truck & trailer maintenance
  • Reparations of tack

Let us know your druthers and experience and we’re sure to find a place for you!